If you are a parent and think your youth would be interested in our program, we want to hear from you. We are always looking for the next Difference Maker. Please reach out to us through our contact page. 

The Hygiene Drive is a great way for your son our daughter to become a Share Hope Youth Ambassador. Please email us your interest here:

Upcoming Youth Ambassador Events

We at Share Hope USA believe that our youth are the key to true change in this world. We are dedicated to helping to change this world. One way we do that is by showing our youth that they can change this world simply by changing one person's life. 
Do you think that is a bold statement?

We don't think so, as we have seen countless times what one simple act of Kindness can do to help change one person's day, week, month, and yes, Life. Out of this thought and the dedication to show our youth that they can be true Difference Makers, our Share Hope USA Youth Ambassador Program was born. 

The program follows three simple Kindness Rules:
1) Show Kindness daily to everyone you meet.
2) Always be a Good example of Sharing Hope with others.
3) Continue to always be a Difference Maker.

After our new Youth Ambassador agrees to the Kindness Rules, they then will work with us to create their very own Community Outreach Event. We will help them to create and run their event, as well as to promote the event for all to know about what they are trying to achieve.
What we have found is that through this program our youth are able to feel confident that no matter what their age, they too can change this world.