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4 Year Total: 46,600

​Collected in 2020: 300

Thank you to all that helped this year!

Totals Last Updated: 12/232019

 After helping out our local homeless friends, we now turn our eyes to those children who are going through hardships that we can only imagine. They need a reason to   smile. Annually we have our Play-Doh Drive benefiting the Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Play-Doh is the only toy that the hospital cannot disinfect, and for that  reason they run out of their supply of Play-Doh every year. Share Hope USA wants to keep that from happening, and so we started a yearly Play-Doh drive that takes place the whole month of May. 


 The first year in 2016 we collected and delivered to the Children's Hospital Los Angeles 5,800 containers of Play-Doh. In 2017 we collected and delivered   11,800 containers of Play-Doh. 2018, we collected an amazing amount of over 15,000 containers of Play-Doh. 

 Remember; you are not just giving Play-Doh, you're giving Smiles!

 You can be involved by simply donating some Play-Doh, hosting a mini Play-Doh drive in your local school, neighborhood, family, or church. If you would like to be 

 involved please contact us through our website, or any of our many social media platforms. We would love to hear from you!!!


Last year's official Play-Doh Drive video can be seen by clicking on the ​photo.

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