One of the most needed items for our Homeless friends is Hygiene kits. These basic hygiene items that we all take for granted are hard to come for those who are homeless. Share Hope USA in connection with our partners, sponsors, and volunteers are excited to conduct this hygiene kit drive for the entire month of October.

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We see the world through our eyes, he sees it through his heart. That is why Symond holds this annual blanket drive for our local homeless community. When your cold you grab a blanket. Ever think about what those experiencing homelessness do? Let's help them keep warm by covering them with love this winter!

Together, we improve the lives of everyone around us. You can give in many ways through volunteering your time or lending your voice to a cause that matters most to you.

Out of all the donations or gifts and toys to LOCAL CHILDREN HOSPITALS, the item that brings the most joy is Play-Doh. With most toys, they can be re-used for many patients. Because Play-Doh is not able to be cleaned, once a patient uses it, it cannot be re-used. Therefore there is always a need for more, and they find that often they are running out.

We take for granted that when we are thirsty we can go to a sink and clean cold water comes easily for us to partake of. This is not the case for the thousands of those experiencing #homelessness. Where do they go to get clean water? When it is hot, how do they get hydrated? Share Hope USA and 14-year-old founder Symond sets this challenge before you. Can we collectively collect enough cases of water to give 500 individual homeless friends one case of water each? We think we can, with YOUR help.